Email us your test questions, we’ll do the rest

We make setting up your tests incredibly simple.

If you've written your test questions and answer key in a Word or PDF file, that's all you need to start running your exam through No need to learn new software. Just email us your test and we'll have it online within one business day.

Exam setup costs just $0.50 per question. Details

Setup Pricing

Our exam setup fee is $0.50 per question for typical multiple choice, true/false, or short-written-answer questions.

You can also include images, charts, or equations, but those more complex questions will cost a little more to set up. We'd love if you contact us for a quote.

Or, a free setup option

If you'd prefer to set up your tests yourself, you can use your admin panel to enter your test questions. Instant results and no setup fee. Try a demo of the admin panel here.

What features can I use in my exams?

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